A Mom's Perspective
I seldom write reviews but what happened to me with Dutch Glow is truly remarkable.

Firstly, this furniture polish was enjoyable to use, and it solved a fairly major problem (to me, at least). Secondly, no – this doesn’t only work on pianos – which is what some people have asked me after reading/hearing my review.

Thirdly, here is where I found the product at a discount:
I inherited a B Squire & Son London upright piano from my Grandmother. It originally belonged to my Great Grandparents so it was quite an antique.

I was told stories growing up about the beautiful way my Great Grandmother could play the piano by ear. The elders in my family said she always added something extra special to her renditions that could only be added if you play by ear.

My Grandmother learned to play from my Great Grandmother, and then she taught me when I was just a little girl. Those are some of the fondest memories from my childhood, so I was delighted to find out I had inherited the antique piano I had always admired.

The wooden base of the piano is made of pure mahogany and I had always loved the rich grain. However, when I first saw it I almost cried.

It was so badly damaged (or so I thought). It was streaky and scratched really badly in some spots. My Grandmother was in a nursing home for four years before she died and her belongings had been placed in a storage unit. Evidently it wasn't heated which was hard on the wood, and it must have been damp too because there was obvious spotting of the wood on the left top and left side.

Regardless, we brought it home and put it in the corner of the living room my husband had cleared for it. For a few days I basically mourned for it. It was like a piece of my Grandmother had died all over again.
I was so distraught I couldn't even bear to play it. However, after a few days I cleaned it up the best I could. I used regular furniture polish as the last step. Honestly, it didn't look much better than it had but it did make me feel a little better to try.

I decided to get the piano appraised. I had no intention of selling it but I was curious about the true value. More importantly, my daughter was already showing an interest in playing and I was having visions about passing it down to her one day. I also wanted to add the piano to our insurance policy.

The first appraiser came over, and after only a minute, he said, "It is in very poor condition. Does it play?" I told him it did, but needed obvious tuning.

With my permission, he played on it a while, looked inside, and then looked closely at the wood. His final appraisal was between $750 and $900. The second appraiser deemed the piano in poor condition too but appraised at $800 to $1000 in value.

A week later I saw a commercial on TV for Dutch Glow Polish, and then I found a review here. I found what they said about waxy furniture polish buildup very intriguing. The idea that the scratches and other surface abrasions could actually be in the build-up and that Dutch Glow could remove all that really made sense to me.

However, I was still reserved about it actually working like they showed on the commercial. However, I just had to try it, so I ordered some.

When I got the Dutch Glow Polish package, I immediately went to work on the piano. I did a portion along the back first because I was actually scared it might damage the wood. Wow, was I wrong!
As I rubbed the Dutch Glow into the wood, I could hardly believe my eyes. I opened the skylight so I could get more natural light. I started cleaning the top of the piano and that's when the beautiful grain of the mahogany that had been mostly hidden began to shine through very clearly.

The wood that had been very dull was shining with a red glow that reminded me of some sunsets I've seen. The most amazing thing was that the scratches and other abrasions started disappearing, and within a few swipes were completely gone on each section I worked on.

When I got to the area that had been damaged by the dampness in the storage unit, that's when I was even more amazed at what I saw. I first wiped it thoroughly with the Dutch Glow Polish. Then, I left it to soak in a bit and wiped it in again.

After I had done this three times, I could hardly see any damage! Only if I looked really closely could I see anything and no one else would have looked as closely as I was looking. I also found that it had improved even more by the next morning. I guess the natural substances in the Dutch Glow Polish had somehow soaked in and nourished the wood overnight.

After having the piano professionally tuned, I asked one of the appraisers to come back. I told him I had "restored" the piano and left it at that. He said the condition of the piano was now very good and he appraised it at $3000.

Dutch Glow Polish increased the value of my Grandmother's antique piano by at least $2000 quite literally overnight. I never told the appraiser the full truth. I know my Grandmother was looking down smiling and giggling.
The StufZ Burger Press is probably one of the niftiest kitchen cooking aids I’ve come across in a very long time. Almost everyone loves burgers but I think you would be hard-pressed to find anyone that likes making burgers (and stuffed burgers at that) from scratch. The StufZ Burger Press is a high quality, durable press that makes stuffing burgers with your favorite ingredients easy, and convenient, delivery delicious dinners in just minutes.
  1. Stuffed burgers are easier than ever to make
  2. Easy preparation and cooking
  3. Very little mess and clean up
  4. Convenient dishwashing and space saving storage
  5. Easily comes apart and put back together

  1. Probable weight gain from copious burger consumption
  2. You might run out of ingredients to stuff in your burger
  3. Outings to burger restaurants won’t seem as exciting

Stuffed burgers used to be a special weekday dinner when I was a young. I still remember getting ridiculously excited when I smelled fries and burger meat coming from the kitchen. In fact, I didn’t like drive-thru burgers because they were so boring in comparison. My favorite was the bacon, cheese, avocado and green pepper stuffed burgers. I loved them so much, I told my Mom that when I lived on my own, I would make them everyday.

Well, it wasn’t exactly as easy as I thought. Stuffed burgers are really hard to make manually, and I can’t be the only one who has ever tried and given up. It’s tricky to get the spacing, and sealing just right, and figure out exactly how much of what you need. Doing the molding with your hands is inefficient and difficult. It’s hardly surprising that most attempts end in disaster.

For the longest time, I tried to follow my Mom’s classic stuffed burger recipe: half a pound of ground beef or turkey, stuffing ingredients of choice, aluminum foil, repeatedly folding and unfolding, and more bowls and measuring cups than I can count. Needless to say, this method had an approximately 40% success rate. More often than not, I just gave up and fried bland squashed ground beef on a skillet and called it a night. My Mom must have had the patience of a saint, and the hands of butcher to manage making stuffed burgers from scratch. I put stuffed burgers in the category of “failed recipes” and gave up on ever being able to make them — after all, I could just have them when I went to stay with my parents.
Now, I go to a major football school where tailgates are a really big deal. At one particular tailgate, I came across a stall with stuffed burgers, going for eight bucks. I begrudgingly forked out the money, but not before I caught a glimpse the StufZ Burger Press box in the back of the trailer. As soon as I got home, I checked around various retailers searching for the StufZ Burger Press.

I had a brief internal debate over whether I could fit another appliance into my already tiny and overcrowded kitchen. Between the food processor, blender, egg maker, the random Seat Pets I keep inexplicably finding in my kitchen cabinets, and countless other increasingly useless cooking aids I acquired when I started living on my own, I wasn’t sure whether I should add another one to the list. I decided to go ahead and purchase it. It was much cheaper than both my Foreman Grill and electric skillet, and far more useful. 

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It was easy to use as the Stufz website said: add your choice of ground meat, shape it, stuff it, and then close it to seal. My roommates and I made about six burgers and all of them came out perfectly shaped and sealed. There was no falling apart or spillage. There was practically no mess, no endless dishes to be used in preparation, and best of all, a delicious product. It was much simpler than I expected, so much so that I even got one for my Mom.

The clean up is quite simple, and all the parts are dishwasher friendly. The individual parts come apart easily, and are reassembled with equal simplicity. My concerns about space were largely unfounded — the Stufz Burger Press fits in any cupboard, and doesn’t need any special storage.

My friends love the burger press, and it’s our new tailgate treat. It goes perfectly with a cool beer or soda, and fries. It’s the perfect way to kick off a game, whether it’s at the stadium or in the backyard. You can take it practically anywhere because of it’s compact size. It fits in any bag or cooler, and you can wipe it down with paper towels and put it away.

Another thing I like, is how quickly you can make the burgers. Hand stuffing and molding can take ages, and just for a single patty. With the StufZ Burger Press, I managed to make several in less than an hour. You can focus on making other things, and sides instead of endless laboring on the ground meat to get it just right.

I would have to say that my favorite thing about it, is the limitless variety of combinations. I’ve experimented to my heart’s delight with every kind of stuffing and topping imaginable on a burger. I made veggie burgers, Portobello mushroom burgers, chili burgers — I could go on and on. It makes it easy to try different things without worrying that they might backfire — because they simply won’t with the burger press.

My Final Thoughts

The StufZ Burger Press, for it’s usefulness, is extremely well-priced. I found it available at many different places, but it was cheapest directly on the Stufz website for just 9.99 plus shipping and handling. At restaurants, or food trailers you could end up paying that for just one stuffed burger. You could make your own, over and over again with just the single purchase. I think there was even a buy one get one free promotion available — any friend or family member will appreciate the gift.

The Cat’s Meow Toy is a wonderful item that can not only keep your cat healthy and entertained, but it will stop them from tearing apart furniture and drapes with their claws. The non-stop motion of this toy will hold their attention and drive away the boredom that leads to destructive behavior. In addition they will enjoy hours of active fun, fun the whole family will share in.
  1. Cats of all ages will love it
  2. Keeps cats from scratching and clawing the furniture
  3. Durably made from rip stop nylon
  4. Motor continues to run if the cat pounces on the toy
  5. Provides exercise for your cat

  1. Your cat won’t want to play with his other toys
  2. It will use up the batteries quickly because your pet will play with it constantly

This imaginative cat toy will keep your pet entertained for hours. It is a round piece made of bright yellow nylon that resists tearing. Underneath is the “mouse” that races around the circle in random patterns and varying speeds. The motor runs on three AA batteries. If your cat is as excited about this toy as most others are, invest in some rechargeable batteries. This will save money on always buying new ones. Because the toy uses a variety of patterns in the play, cats never know what to expect next. The whole family is going to get a thrill out of watching them jump back and forth trying to catch that pesky mouse hiding under the nylon.

The best feature of the Cat’s Meow Toy is that it keeps your kitten so busy he won’t have time to scratch the furniture and drapes. Cats get bored easily. Without the proper toys they will go in search of their own fun. This can result in expensive furniture being torn to shreds. The Cat’s Meow Toy will help them burn off that restless cat energy, focusing it on good clean fun rather than bad behavior.

Another perk to the Cat’s Meow Toy is that it doubles as a wonderful workout for the family pet. Indoor cats tend to have weight issues. They like to eat and lounge in the windows. With today’s busy lifestyles, many people simply don’t have the time to play with their cats enough to keep them fit. With the Cat’s Meow Toy you can turn it on and go about your business while kitty enjoys a full workout.

There is no need to sit and watch your cat as he plays. The motor runs continuously, even if they pounce on the part that moves. As soon as he lets go, the toy continues to race around in its random directions and speeds. Because it operates on batteries, you won’t have any electric cords to worry about.
Cats of all ages and sizes will benefit from the Cat’s Meow Toy. The cost is only $19.99 plus shipping and handling. As an added bonus they will send you a second one for free with the cost of shipping. This is ideal for houses with more than one cat. They also make perfect gifts for anyone you know who has a cat. Once your Cat’s Meow Toy arrives, you’ll find it is easy to put together and operate. Cats can’t seem to resist the chase and catch action this toy provides. Experiment with putting it in different areas of the house. It is so much fun for both you and the cat when it’s in the middle of the room, but try putting it next to a cat house or shelf. Watch in delight as your cat tries catching this mystery toy by pouncing on it from different angles and heights.

People who have already bought the Cat’s Meow Toy can’t say enough good things about it. “Smart toy, cats love it” says it all. Your cat will enjoy the way it surprises them by changing patterns on them. The wand under the nylon plays peek-a-boo with the cat, mimicking the movement of a real mouse. This toy truly plays upon a cat’s natural instincts. Now indoor cats can enjoy the same fun and exercise as the ones roaming about the outdoors. Another happy pet owner described it as being the “best cat toy ever.”

With such a reasonable price you will find you have nothing to lose. In addition to a free one, you’ll get a 30 day manufacturer’s warranty. Cats of all ages love this toy’s non-stop action. The hours of entertainment will leave you with a healthy and happy cat who won’t keep busy by destroying your furniture or window coverings.

We often hear that we should be exercising for at least 60 minutes a day for maximum benefits. For many people, there just aren’t 60 extra minutes in a day to get desired results for weight loss and toning up the body. What if you could get the results you are looking for in just 25 minutes a day? With the Focus T25 workout, that’s just what you can do.
  1. Professional, effective results
  2. Less time spent working out
  3. No expensive gym memberships
  4. Have fun while exercising
  5. 100% satisfaction guarantee
  1. No more excuses
  2. Not a miracle product

As a track and field stand-out at Rowan University, Shaun Thompson gained a lot of knowledge and first-hand experience in how to stay in shape and maximize the efficiency of his workouts during his own athletic activity and in his study of sports science and dance. Now known as Shaun T., he is well known for his popular Insanity and Hip Hop Abs workouts. Shaun T., in collaboration with Beachbody, has now developed a workout designed to get people the results of typically seen from a 60 minute workout in just 25 minutes. With Focus T25, three intense workouts are combined in a total of 25 minutes on each DVD to burn fat and tone muscle through maximized efficiency of movement.

There are two cycles in the Focus T25 workout, one focusing on fitness foundations and one focusing on the development of core muscles, and each workout comes on its own DVD. The Alpha Cycle workouts build total body fitness with exercises for cardio, abs, speed, total body circuits, and concentration on the lower body. The Beta Cycle workouts are designed to develop core muscles, divided into separate workouts for cardio, speed, upper body, dynamic core, and the “Rip’t” circuit that incorporates all four. With no down time between exercises, heart rates stay up for maximum fat burning and toning results.
Every Focus T25 order comes with nine DVDs, a quick start guide, a nutrition guide, and Alpha and Beta Cycle workout calendars to keep track of which workout to complete on each day for optimal results. The official website also offers four free gifts: a stretch workout, 5-day fast track plan, 15 lb. resistance band, and 24/7 online access to support and help.

Shaun T. and Beachbody are so sure that the program will work that after 10 weeks they want everyone who purchases and uses the program to send in a before and an after picture to show off the results. Participants will get a free “Focus T25 Nailed It” t-shirt for showing off their newly toned muscles and trimmer figure. Plus, everyone who sends in for the t-shirt will be entered to win $100,000 in the Beachbody Challenge.

An important factor to keep in mind is that Focus T25 is a hard workout. There is a lot of exertion required and it’s physically demanding to do any of the individual workouts. Before getting started, it is important to be sure to check with a physician to make sure you are in good health and to be sure that this is the right type of workout for you.
Some people who have tried the product have claimed that it just does not work or that it is too hard of a workout. Focus T25 does not claim to be a miracle product that will melt off pounds and tone up abdomen muscles with no effort. For it to work, the right diet and commitment to the program are absolutely necessary. The workouts take a lot of dedication and effort, but they are designed for everyone to be able to complete them. In fact, each workout includes an on-screen modifier that alters the exercises in order for anyone to be able to finish the moves. What Shaun T. and Beachbody do guarantee is that if the workouts are completed correctly and combined with the right diet, everyone can lose weight and tone up.

Shaun T and Beachbody’s confidence in the workout is reflected in the 100 percent satisfaction, 30 day money back guarantee offered when ordering from the official website. For three installments of $39.95 plus shipping and handling, you will have the 25 minute a day workout to put you on the road to getting in shape and losing weight. Plus, Shaun T. and Beachbody will add the four free gifts to help ensure success. Right now, there is also a bonus special for a free upgrade to express delivery to get started with the workout in just three to five business days. To try it out or to find more information, visit the Focus T25 website.

Night View Glasses are glare reduction glasses that help improve your vision in a multitude of settings. Designed for nighttime use, they also work quite well in rain, snow, and any other time of day when glare can make driving dangerous. They turn dull and fuzzy images into bright and clear focus. Gone are the days of squinting and leaning forward in an attempt to see down the road.
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  1. Lenses stop nighttime glare
  2. Ideal for any type of weather
  3. Stylish
  4. Indestructible
  5. 100% UVB and UVA protection

  1. You may never take them off
  2. Your friends will want them for themselves

Have you ever found yourself squinting while driving at night? These glasses solve this issue once and for all. The yellow lenses take the image you are looking at and cut out the blue glare leaving you with a crystal clear picture of your surroundings. It can be hard to focus at night when driving. Animals or other debris in the road can blend in with everything else. This creates a dangerous situation for both you and others. These NV glasses allow drivers to clearly see everything in a bright detail you otherwise wouldn’t find.
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These glasses are not just for nighttime use. You’ll find they come in handy during many other situations. Rain can be so impossible to drive in that you may end up parked along the road until the storm passes. This will make you late to work, appointments, or picking up the kids. In today’s busy world, few of us can waste precious time. With these glasses, your surroundings brighten into focus so that you can safely continue on your journey.
Dusk and dawn are horrible times to be driving. Whether the sun is glaring at your face or the subtle blue haze of nighttime is making everything appear fuzzy, these glasses will bring it all into crisp clear focus for you. You’ll want to make sure there is always a pair on hand while traveling. No matter what time of day you are on the road, you will see all images clearly defined. Gone are the days of staring at an object and wondering exactly what it is.

These Night View Glasses have also been found helpful in hiking, boating, and skiing. Hiking along trails can take you through dark forested areas one minute and bright glaring sunshine the next. It is so annoying to be constantly putting on and removing regular sunglasses. With this pair of glasses, you have one pair that covers it all. The yellow lenses will bring the dark trees into a crisp image. Once you reach a clearing, the same glasses will reduce the glare of direct sunlight. On a boat they will help mellow the intense reflection of the sun off of the water, just as they do on snow while skiing.

The problem with many products that are helpful with sun glare is that you have to give up fashion to use them. With the NV lenses, you are getting an attractive pair of aviator style frames that suit many face shapes, not to mention personal tastes. The frames are also quite sturdy.
Night View lenses are affordable at only $10 a pair. When ordering from their official website they will send you a second pair free. This is perfect. You can keep one pair in the car and take the other with you. They are also very thoughtful gifts for anyone on your list who spends most of their time driving, skiing, boating, or doing any other type of activity that places them outdoors in the suns glare or in the darkness of the night.

The specially designed yellow lenses provide 100% UVA and UVB protection for your eyes. This is ideal for people of all ages. Younger generations need to protect their eyesight so that they won’t have problems when they are older. Many elderly customers enjoy these glasses because they offer a stylish form of protection to eyes that may already be sensitive to glare from existing conditions.

Customer reviews show how satisfied those who have purchased these glare reduction glasses are. One person said “Best glasses that I ever wore on my bike at any speed.” This testifies to the fact that they work great in many outdoor activities, including riding a motorcycle. “These sunglasses are a steal, and they look great too” is typical of comments you’ll find. This person truly summed it up by stating “These Aviators are amazing.”

If you are looking for a great pair of glare reduction glasses that won’t cost a fortune, Night View NV glasses are just what you need. Perfect for nighttime driving, you’ll find several other uses as well for these stylish glasses.

Seat Pets are a wonderful combination of toy, pillow, and tote bag. They make travel both comfortable and fun for children. Finally kids are eager to buckle up. Simply attach it to the vehicle’s seat belt, and your child will have a best friend to snuggle with while on the road. These pets allow the seat belt to stay in place without any discomfort to little ones.
  1. Easily attaches to seat belt
  2. Keeps the seatbelt in place
  3. Eliminates drooping heads while napping
  4. You can take it anywhere
  5. Machine washable

  1. Your kids will take it everyplace
  2. They’ll want to collect all the characters available.

Seat Pets are simple to attach to the seatbelt of any vehicle. Two straps hold it in place. In fact, you can take it on airplanes as well. When not in the car your child can take their new friend along with them. This is terrific because the Seat Pets come with three pockets. Fill them with snacks, games, or small toys. Once you reach your destination, use the added back strap so the child can carry it like a back pack. No more picking up all of their loose toys from the car floor. All of their little treasures can be kept within reach during your travels and quickly taken inside when done. You’ll also find that your days of constantly passing drinks and food to the back seat are over. The pockets on these are large enough to hold a water bottle.

One of the best features on Seat Pets is that it performs double duty as a pillow. Nothing is more uncomfortable than napping in the car with your head dangling over to the side. Now kids can lean their head against their pet, eliminating sore necks. They can even use it as their night time pillow while on vacation, camping, or at sleep overs.

Seat Pets come in a variety of styles. Choose among the following characters. Just be warned, children will want more than one.

  1. Edsel the Monster
  2. Yukon the Cow
  3. Mercedes the Cat
  4. Love Bug the Ladybug
  5. Lincoln the Lion
  6. Malibu the Monkey
  7. Bentley the Dog

Each one of the Seat Pets comes with a 30 day money back guarantee. They also make a great gift idea, and at only $19.99 plus shipping and handling, it’s a wonderful deal. You can order additional characters at a discount price, saving even more money. Made for ages four and older, they are completely machine washable. This is perfect for little ones who tend to have occasional spills while travelling in the car.

People can’t seem to say enough good things about Seat Pets. Comments such as “I think the concept of the Seat Pet is fantastic” are quite common. These car buddies have won numerous awards as well. They received the 2012 product of the year award, and they were a Dr. Toy 100 best children’s products winner. In addition they have won the seal of approval from The National Parenting Center.
Parents have found that when they use this product in the car they no longer hear the phrase “are we there yet.” This statement can rattle the nerves of even the most patient adults. Because the Pet will become one of your child’s favorite stuffed animals, they will spend a large amount of time playing, laughing with, and talking to it. If you are creative in filling the three pockets, you’ll be able to entertain kids even after the thrill of the character wears off. Put small toys in them for littler kids. The excitement of discovering them will keep them occupied even longer. Older children can store their hand held video games inside. The best part is that everything has a place now. No more lost game cartridges down in the seats of the car.

One could talk forever about all of the great qualities of Seat Pets, but the one feature that stands out is its practical & educational factor. Not only are kids eagerly buckling up, parents can rest assured that the seat belt will now stay in place without chafing or causing discomfort. With everything the child needs being kept in the Pet’s pockets, you won’t have to worry about them being tempted to unbuckle in order to reach something.

Finally parents have a product that makes travelling fun and comfortable for the kids. Easy to use, affordable, and washable, you’ll love this as much as your child will. Say good bye to stretching over the seats to hand things to the little ones. At the end of your trip they’ll be rested, you’ll be relaxed, and the car will still be tidy.

Flashlight Friends are soft toys animals that include LED flashlights. They begin the day as cuddly friends and turn into helpful flashlights at night. These toys are made for children who need some type of light at bedtime in order to give a sense of comfort. In the end, children will feel safe and be able to fall asleep faster. Parents will be reassured that children feel secure.
  1. Easy To Turn On And Off With A Simple Tap And Turn
  2. Helps A Child Get Through A Fear Of The Dark.
  3. Shuts Off Automatically After 10 Minutes, Never Gets Hot, And Lasts For Hundreds Of Hours.
  4. Ideal For Sleepovers, Bedtime Stores, And Camping Trips.
  5. Simple To Spot Clean And Air Dry

  1. These Are So Convenient That Even An Adult Will Want To Use One.
  2. All Of The Character Choices Are So Cute That A Child Will Want All Six.

Flashlight Friends appear like regular stuffed animals. However, at closer examination, there is a flashlight that is embedded into each of them. The lights do not get overly warm, so there is no worries about burns or fire hazards. The lights automatically go out after 10 minutes as well. This keeps batteries working for as long as possible. These products have been designed to give children added confidence and help them to overcome fears of the dark. They can also act as a guide for a child when it is necessary to travel to the bathroom in the dark. The lights will not be too bright or dim. When parents are trying to get children to sleep alone, these toys will be very useful. 

Flashlight Friends come in six different character choices. This means that there will be something for every boy and girl. There is a pink unicorn, green dragon, black penguin, green turtle, blue puppy, and purple panda. Each friend works on batteries, so no cords are necessary. The automatic shutoff feature will preserve battery life as well. 

These items are extremely easy to use and carry. Each of the animals have a handle that fits small hands. This helps children take them anywhere with ease. It is also a great feature for camping trips or sleepover parties. Spills are inevitable with children's toys. When they get dirty, they can be easily spot cleaned.

Flashlight Friends can be used anywhere. Reading, traveling, or playing in the dark will never be as fun as when these friends are around. They have the ability to provide light along with a warm and cozy cushion. Besides having fun, these products can soothe children who wake up from bad dreams. The children will have friends to turn to instead of bothering mom and dad throughout the night. Most children love flashlights to begin with. Incorporating them into stuffed toys is even better.

Flashlight Friends can be the key to a great kid's party. It is simple to organize a camp theme in the backyard. Parents can create stories and other fun games using the toys. For example, playing tag in the dark with these animals will bring fantasy into a whole new level. It can also be entertaining to play shadow charades. As a child acts something out, someone else guesses and wins. These games will keep kids busy and will make bedtime easier and more fun.

These toys are highly recommended for children who have a fear of the dark. It can be terrifying for a child to fall asleep without the lights on. Therefore, Flashlight Friends will be useful tools for parents who are trying to get kids to sleep alone at night. Having a cuddly friend with a light will make the dark seem less scary. It also makes finding the bathroom a bit easier as well. These toys are also great for travel, camping trips, or sleepover fun.

Flashlight Friends are available for $19.99 plus $7.99 shipping. They can be ordered directly from the company online or over the phone. This is a great price for the peace of mind that is provided. As an added incentive, a person can receive free shipping when three or more products are purchased in one order. This makes it easier to give gifts or to add to a child's collection. Because they are all so cute, it will be hard to make just one selection. For added convenience, there is a 30 day money back guarantee if a child or parent is not totally satisfied.
Ruggies are the answer to area rugs that curl, turn, or slip. They provide an aspect of safety in the home by preventing one from tripping and slipping on mats and rugs. They work by keeping the rug in place and do their job without causing any damage to the floor’s surface. Area rugs will look neat and orderly while creating a safer environment within your house.
  1. Grip so rug won’t slip
  2. Stops bunching, curled corners, tripping, and slipping
  3. Sticks to hard floors and carpeting
  4. Reusable
  5. Won’t damage floors

  1. You’ll forget you have area rugs
  2. You’ll find yourself ordering more

Today’s homes are using more and more hard wood flooring, tiles, and laminates. The popularity of these floor coverings has caused an increase in the use of area rugs when decorating. Unfortunately, it has also caused an increase in injuries within the home due to falls, especially with young children and the elderly. Ruggies rug grippers can help reduce the odds of these terrible accidents in your home.

Another problem resulting from using area rugs inside your house is that they tend to turn or curl up. After rugs are manufactured they are rolled up for storage. Many times they are not unrolled until you have purchased them and they are in your home. This is what causes area rugs to not lay as flat as you would like. Ruggies is a quick, affordable, easy to use solution to this problem.

To use Ruggies simply press them onto the carpeting or hard wood floor to keep the area rug held in place. The grip is so good that it will continue to hold even when vacuuming over the rug. The best part is that they are reusable. They can be taken off of one rug and placed on another by washing them. This helps to reactivate the gripping action.

Ruggies work due to a tacky grip polymer technology. This technology holds the area rug or mat while suction pockets cling to the floor. Once removed there is no type of residue left behind. This makes them safe to use on all floor types. No adhesive is used with this product.

When you purchase Ruggies you will get a set of eight plus eight more for free. This is enough to hold down up to four rugs. In addition they are sending you a free mystery gift for ordering. When you consider the advantages of using this product, it is a very good deal at $10 plus shipping and handling. Ordering is risk free with the 30 day money back guarantee.

Once you receive your Ruggies simply place one at each corner of the rug you want to hold down. They can also be placed along the edges with just as much effect. The tacky grip polymer technology will grip to the rug while the hundreds of suctioning pockets will hold to the floor. The best part is that they work without any sort of sticky glue or adhesive. When you want to move the area rug, they can easily be removed, washed, and used again. Your rugs will stay in place without tripping unsuspecting passer byes. 

These will work on all shapes and sizes of rugs and mats. Because of their triangular shape many people think they may not work with circular or oval shaped rugs. This is not true. On any rug that does not have exact corners you can place them evenly along the edges. The results will be just as good as with a traditional square or rectangular rug. Four of these great products will adequately hold the average area rug, but more can be used along the edges of larger or longer pieces such as runners. 

Those who have already purchased them are quick to sing their praises. One satisfied customer stated “The Ruggies work great – worth every penny.” Even customers with high volumes of traffic in their homes are enjoying the benefits. One woman wrote “Even with two puppies running and sliding this grips pretty well.” Imagine what they can do for you and your family. Anyone with pets, children, or older family members will love this product.

With the help of Ruggies you can achieve the decorator look you want for your home without compromising anyone’s safety. Relax while knowing that all of your family members are safe from unwanted falls, and say good bye to rugs turned to awkward angles after the children and pets have run past. You’ll look across the floors at beautifully placed rugs and mats that lie flat, and when it’s time to move them there will be no damage left behind.

Those who have already purchased them are quick to sing their praises. One satisfied customer stated “The Ruggies work great – worth every penny.” Even customers with high volumes of traffic in their homes are enjoying the benefits. One woman wrote “Even with two puppies running and sliding this grips pretty well.” Imagine what they can do for you and your family. Anyone with pets, children, or older family members will love this product.

With the help of Ruggies you can achieve the decorator look you want for your home without compromising anyone’s safety. Relax while knowing that all of your family members are safe from unwanted falls, and say good bye to rugs turned to awkward angles after the children and pets have run past. You’ll look across the floors at beautifully placed rugs and mats that lie flat, and when it’s time to move them there will be no damage left behind.
Tripping over cords in the house, garage, and office can be a distraction and a safety hazard. They seem to be everywhere. They get tangled up, and reaching in to find an open socket to plug in a phone or new appliance usually means a lot of frustration and time, adding an extension cord or bulky multiple power strip and re-plugging everything in. With Side Socket, that frustration is over.
  1. Easy to reach outlets for plugging in cords
  2. Furniture fits flush to the wall
  3.  Go from two to six outlets
  4. Only 90 degree swiveling multi-plug outlet
  5. Reliable surge protection in the house, garage, or office

  1. Extra extension cords to get rid of
  2. More space in the middle of the room to figure out what to do with

Have you ever tried to unplug the cable box to reset it, or needed to unplug the coffee maker to plug the toaster in? Have you ever had to replace one of you electronics? It can be frustrating to finally pull the right plug out of the outlet only to have to untangle all of the other cords, too, to be able to pull out the old to add the new. With a messy jumble of cords plugged into a traditional outlet power strip or extension cord, it can be difficult to figure out which cord goes to what. The unique design of the Side Socket makes finding the cord you need quick and easy.

On top of the messiness, all of those cords on the floor with a regular extension cord means that a lot of dust collects around the cords and base boards. With cords that lift off the ground with the Side Socket surge protector, you can clean more easily and thoroughly around those outlets and wiping cords that are off the ground is much easier the reaching behind and underneath furniture to get at the rogue dust bunnies. 

It can be particularly frustrating to get everything organized and ready to get plugged in only to find out that your extension cords can’t be used with a three-pronged plug and that’s exactly what you need. Every outlet of the Side Socket takes the three-prongs, so you’re left with less frustration, and you’ll have more time that you save from having to run out and search for a new extension cord to buy.

The convenient rotation of the Side Socket also makes moving furniture to plug in an appliance or electronic gadget a thing of the past. Moving a dresser, sofa, entertainment center, or any other piece of heavy furniture covering up an outlet can be difficult, and in most homes the outlets are in the least convenient places. The unique rotating design makes it easy to plug in multiple devices without having to move furniture to get at the outlet.

You finally get everything plugged in, and you place the multi-socket power strip behind the dresser to keep it out of sight. It works and you push the dresser back against the bulky multi-outlet power strip as far as you can, but now your dresser is 2 or 3 inches away from the wall. There’s no wasted space with the Side Socket. Because your furniture will back up right to the wall, you have more space in the middle of the room to enjoy.
The most disturbing of the problems caused by regular extension cords has to do with safety. All of those tangled cords can create a fire hazard. The more that is plugged into an extension cord, the more likely a power surge could cause a dangerous situation. The surge protection of the Side Socket offers peace of mind from a short circuit disaster.

You can count tripping over long cords as a safety hazard, too. Garages, in particular, are typically short on outlets, and adding three times the number is helpful and convenient, and it eliminates the need to run cords in dangerous walkways. Office space is another tricky place to find enough outlets, and Side Socket takes care of that, along with eliminating cords that get worn from being ran over with chairs or tripped on.

As an added bonus to all of the helpful features of the Side Socket, there’s also a money back lifetime guarantee. And, right now at https://www.sidesocket.com, you can get the Side Socket in a special buy one, get one free offer. For only $10, plus a $7.95 processing and handling and an additional processing and handling fee for the second piece, you’ll have two in order to better organize and protect your home.

The 10 Minute Trainer is the ideal solution for anyone who feels they don’t have the time to go to a gym for a full workout. You’ll see better results in less time than with other exercise options. This is because it was developed by Tony Horton. He uses his talent as a personal trainer to create a power packed total body workout that gets you the results you’re after.
  1. Developed by the well-known Tony Horton
  2. Quick results
  3. Total body workout
  4. Blasts fat
  5. Can be done anywhere

  1. Can be confusing at first
  2. You won’t be able to use time as an excuse for being out of shape anymore

Although you may find the 10 Minute Trainer a bit confusing at first, it is like any good exercise routine. Once you get the hang of it, it will be a regular part of your lifestyle. With this product you can get the body you have always wanted in even less time. No more excuses. You will have the time because it only takes ten minutes to do. You won’t even have to waste time traveling to a gym. This is done right in your own home. Take it with you when you travel so your exercise routine doesn’t become interrupted.

The 10 Minute Trainer blasts away the fat. You’ll notice how much leaner your body becomes. Individuals using this program can get the same results as a one hour workout in as little as ten minutes. Tony Horton’s workout plan burns as many calories as 30 minutes of jogging. 

Three kits are available in the 10 Minute Trainer collection. The base kit is quite affordable at two payments of $39.95 plus shipping and handling. The expanded kit is available for two payments of $58.95, and the complete kit is two payments of $79.90. The latter two kits contain extra exercise tools to better help you with the workout.

A 10 Minute Trainer base kit includes five total body workouts. These include Lower-Body, Total-Body, Cardio, Yoga Flex, and Abs. To enhance your experience you will also get the necessary tools for these workouts. The first of which is the pro-grade resistance band. It adds resistance during the routine for faster results. You’ll get a cardio belt that helps you super stack the cardio workouts. They have included a workout calendar that you can customize to your own needs. The rapid results guidebook is Tony’s reference book that will guide you through your transformation. The last tool is the 10 minute recipe guide. This book will help you make healthy food choices that won’t counteract the workout.

As an added bonus you will receive two bonuses with your purchase of the 10 Minute Trainer. Tony’s On the Go Workout Cards can travel anywhere you do. Now you don’t have to give up your usual exercise routine when away from home. The other bonus is a two day jump start plan. It includes a nutritional plan and an accelerated workout option.

As if that wasn’t enough to get you started on the path to a better you, they have thrown in six free gifts with each 10 Minute Trainer. You’ll get three additional Rapid Fire Workouts, the Total Body Two, Core Cardio, and Upper Body. You will be given 24/7 online support. This is a $180 dollar value. You can be a part of an online community that helps and supports each other, and you’ll have opportunities to chat live with Tony Horton. You will also gain access to an instant streaming workout with instant access to the abs workout after your purchase. The sixth free gift is an advanced calendar showing how to fit in the free bonus workouts into your base kit.

The key to this program is the unique technique Tony developed. It is called super stacking. He has combined lower body, upper body, cardio, and abs into each of the ten minute workouts. This will work several muscles at the same time, rather than focusing on only one area. You end up with better results in a shorter amount of time.

Reviews prove that this program works. Many describe it as “simple and effective.” If you’re worried about it sounding too good to be true, listen to the customers who are saying “good as it claims.” People who have tried many different plans have found this to be a “phenomenal ten minute workout.”

Tony Horton’s 10 Minute Trainer can be the answer to your fitness questions. He has taken the guess work out of exercise. With the tools and workout plans included, you’ll see amazing results. Exercise will no longer take time you don’t have to spare.


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