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Flashlight Friends are soft toys animals that include LED flashlights. They begin the day as cuddly friends and turn into helpful flashlights at night. These toys are made for children who need some type of light at bedtime in order to give a sense of comfort. In the end, children will feel safe and be able to fall asleep faster. Parents will be reassured that children feel secure.
  1. Easy To Turn On And Off With A Simple Tap And Turn
  2. Helps A Child Get Through A Fear Of The Dark.
  3. Shuts Off Automatically After 10 Minutes, Never Gets Hot, And Lasts For Hundreds Of Hours.
  4. Ideal For Sleepovers, Bedtime Stores, And Camping Trips.
  5. Simple To Spot Clean And Air Dry

  1. These Are So Convenient That Even An Adult Will Want To Use One.
  2. All Of The Character Choices Are So Cute That A Child Will Want All Six.

Flashlight Friends appear like regular stuffed animals. However, at closer examination, there is a flashlight that is embedded into each of them. The lights do not get overly warm, so there is no worries about burns or fire hazards. The lights automatically go out after 10 minutes as well. This keeps batteries working for as long as possible. These products have been designed to give children added confidence and help them to overcome fears of the dark. They can also act as a guide for a child when it is necessary to travel to the bathroom in the dark. The lights will not be too bright or dim. When parents are trying to get children to sleep alone, these toys will be very useful. 

Flashlight Friends come in six different character choices. This means that there will be something for every boy and girl. There is a pink unicorn, green dragon, black penguin, green turtle, blue puppy, and purple panda. Each friend works on batteries, so no cords are necessary. The automatic shutoff feature will preserve battery life as well. 

These items are extremely easy to use and carry. Each of the animals have a handle that fits small hands. This helps children take them anywhere with ease. It is also a great feature for camping trips or sleepover parties. Spills are inevitable with children's toys. When they get dirty, they can be easily spot cleaned.

Flashlight Friends can be used anywhere. Reading, traveling, or playing in the dark will never be as fun as when these friends are around. They have the ability to provide light along with a warm and cozy cushion. Besides having fun, these products can soothe children who wake up from bad dreams. The children will have friends to turn to instead of bothering mom and dad throughout the night. Most children love flashlights to begin with. Incorporating them into stuffed toys is even better.

Flashlight Friends can be the key to a great kid's party. It is simple to organize a camp theme in the backyard. Parents can create stories and other fun games using the toys. For example, playing tag in the dark with these animals will bring fantasy into a whole new level. It can also be entertaining to play shadow charades. As a child acts something out, someone else guesses and wins. These games will keep kids busy and will make bedtime easier and more fun.

These toys are highly recommended for children who have a fear of the dark. It can be terrifying for a child to fall asleep without the lights on. Therefore, Flashlight Friends will be useful tools for parents who are trying to get kids to sleep alone at night. Having a cuddly friend with a light will make the dark seem less scary. It also makes finding the bathroom a bit easier as well. These toys are also great for travel, camping trips, or sleepover fun.

Flashlight Friends are available for $19.99 plus $7.99 shipping. They can be ordered directly from the company online or over the phone. This is a great price for the peace of mind that is provided. As an added incentive, a person can receive free shipping when three or more products are purchased in one order. This makes it easier to give gifts or to add to a child's collection. Because they are all so cute, it will be hard to make just one selection. For added convenience, there is a 30 day money back guarantee if a child or parent is not totally satisfied.


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