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The Cat’s Meow Toy is a wonderful item that can not only keep your cat healthy and entertained, but it will stop them from tearing apart furniture and drapes with their claws. The non-stop motion of this toy will hold their attention and drive away the boredom that leads to destructive behavior. In addition they will enjoy hours of active fun, fun the whole family will share in.
  1. Cats of all ages will love it
  2. Keeps cats from scratching and clawing the furniture
  3. Durably made from rip stop nylon
  4. Motor continues to run if the cat pounces on the toy
  5. Provides exercise for your cat

  1. Your cat won’t want to play with his other toys
  2. It will use up the batteries quickly because your pet will play with it constantly

This imaginative cat toy will keep your pet entertained for hours. It is a round piece made of bright yellow nylon that resists tearing. Underneath is the “mouse” that races around the circle in random patterns and varying speeds. The motor runs on three AA batteries. If your cat is as excited about this toy as most others are, invest in some rechargeable batteries. This will save money on always buying new ones. Because the toy uses a variety of patterns in the play, cats never know what to expect next. The whole family is going to get a thrill out of watching them jump back and forth trying to catch that pesky mouse hiding under the nylon.

The best feature of the Cat’s Meow Toy is that it keeps your kitten so busy he won’t have time to scratch the furniture and drapes. Cats get bored easily. Without the proper toys they will go in search of their own fun. This can result in expensive furniture being torn to shreds. The Cat’s Meow Toy will help them burn off that restless cat energy, focusing it on good clean fun rather than bad behavior.

Another perk to the Cat’s Meow Toy is that it doubles as a wonderful workout for the family pet. Indoor cats tend to have weight issues. They like to eat and lounge in the windows. With today’s busy lifestyles, many people simply don’t have the time to play with their cats enough to keep them fit. With the Cat’s Meow Toy you can turn it on and go about your business while kitty enjoys a full workout.

There is no need to sit and watch your cat as he plays. The motor runs continuously, even if they pounce on the part that moves. As soon as he lets go, the toy continues to race around in its random directions and speeds. Because it operates on batteries, you won’t have any electric cords to worry about.
Cats of all ages and sizes will benefit from the Cat’s Meow Toy. The cost is only $19.99 plus shipping and handling. As an added bonus they will send you a second one for free with the cost of shipping. This is ideal for houses with more than one cat. They also make perfect gifts for anyone you know who has a cat. Once your Cat’s Meow Toy arrives, you’ll find it is easy to put together and operate. Cats can’t seem to resist the chase and catch action this toy provides. Experiment with putting it in different areas of the house. It is so much fun for both you and the cat when it’s in the middle of the room, but try putting it next to a cat house or shelf. Watch in delight as your cat tries catching this mystery toy by pouncing on it from different angles and heights.

People who have already bought the Cat’s Meow Toy can’t say enough good things about it. “Smart toy, cats love it” says it all. Your cat will enjoy the way it surprises them by changing patterns on them. The wand under the nylon plays peek-a-boo with the cat, mimicking the movement of a real mouse. This toy truly plays upon a cat’s natural instincts. Now indoor cats can enjoy the same fun and exercise as the ones roaming about the outdoors. Another happy pet owner described it as being the “best cat toy ever.”

With such a reasonable price you will find you have nothing to lose. In addition to a free one, you’ll get a 30 day manufacturer’s warranty. Cats of all ages love this toy’s non-stop action. The hours of entertainment will leave you with a healthy and happy cat who won’t keep busy by destroying your furniture or window coverings.



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