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Night View Glasses are glare reduction glasses that help improve your vision in a multitude of settings. Designed for nighttime use, they also work quite well in rain, snow, and any other time of day when glare can make driving dangerous. They turn dull and fuzzy images into bright and clear focus. Gone are the days of squinting and leaning forward in an attempt to see down the road.
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  1. Lenses stop nighttime glare
  2. Ideal for any type of weather
  3. Stylish
  4. Indestructible
  5. 100% UVB and UVA protection

  1. You may never take them off
  2. Your friends will want them for themselves

Have you ever found yourself squinting while driving at night? These glasses solve this issue once and for all. The yellow lenses take the image you are looking at and cut out the blue glare leaving you with a crystal clear picture of your surroundings. It can be hard to focus at night when driving. Animals or other debris in the road can blend in with everything else. This creates a dangerous situation for both you and others. These NV glasses allow drivers to clearly see everything in a bright detail you otherwise wouldn’t find.
I found the best deal on Night View glasses here (click) (you only need to buy 1 pair to get the 2nd pair for free)

These glasses are not just for nighttime use. You’ll find they come in handy during many other situations. Rain can be so impossible to drive in that you may end up parked along the road until the storm passes. This will make you late to work, appointments, or picking up the kids. In today’s busy world, few of us can waste precious time. With these glasses, your surroundings brighten into focus so that you can safely continue on your journey.
Dusk and dawn are horrible times to be driving. Whether the sun is glaring at your face or the subtle blue haze of nighttime is making everything appear fuzzy, these glasses will bring it all into crisp clear focus for you. You’ll want to make sure there is always a pair on hand while traveling. No matter what time of day you are on the road, you will see all images clearly defined. Gone are the days of staring at an object and wondering exactly what it is.

These Night View Glasses have also been found helpful in hiking, boating, and skiing. Hiking along trails can take you through dark forested areas one minute and bright glaring sunshine the next. It is so annoying to be constantly putting on and removing regular sunglasses. With this pair of glasses, you have one pair that covers it all. The yellow lenses will bring the dark trees into a crisp image. Once you reach a clearing, the same glasses will reduce the glare of direct sunlight. On a boat they will help mellow the intense reflection of the sun off of the water, just as they do on snow while skiing.

The problem with many products that are helpful with sun glare is that you have to give up fashion to use them. With the NV lenses, you are getting an attractive pair of aviator style frames that suit many face shapes, not to mention personal tastes. The frames are also quite sturdy.
Night View lenses are affordable at only $10 a pair. When ordering from their official website they will send you a second pair free. This is perfect. You can keep one pair in the car and take the other with you. They are also very thoughtful gifts for anyone on your list who spends most of their time driving, skiing, boating, or doing any other type of activity that places them outdoors in the suns glare or in the darkness of the night.

The specially designed yellow lenses provide 100% UVA and UVB protection for your eyes. This is ideal for people of all ages. Younger generations need to protect their eyesight so that they won’t have problems when they are older. Many elderly customers enjoy these glasses because they offer a stylish form of protection to eyes that may already be sensitive to glare from existing conditions.

Customer reviews show how satisfied those who have purchased these glare reduction glasses are. One person said “Best glasses that I ever wore on my bike at any speed.” This testifies to the fact that they work great in many outdoor activities, including riding a motorcycle. “These sunglasses are a steal, and they look great too” is typical of comments you’ll find. This person truly summed it up by stating “These Aviators are amazing.”

If you are looking for a great pair of glare reduction glasses that won’t cost a fortune, Night View NV glasses are just what you need. Perfect for nighttime driving, you’ll find several other uses as well for these stylish glasses.



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