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Seat Pets are a wonderful combination of toy, pillow, and tote bag. They make travel both comfortable and fun for children. Finally kids are eager to buckle up. Simply attach it to the vehicle’s seat belt, and your child will have a best friend to snuggle with while on the road. These pets allow the seat belt to stay in place without any discomfort to little ones.
  1. Easily attaches to seat belt
  2. Keeps the seatbelt in place
  3. Eliminates drooping heads while napping
  4. You can take it anywhere
  5. Machine washable

  1. Your kids will take it everyplace
  2. They’ll want to collect all the characters available.

Seat Pets are simple to attach to the seatbelt of any vehicle. Two straps hold it in place. In fact, you can take it on airplanes as well. When not in the car your child can take their new friend along with them. This is terrific because the Seat Pets come with three pockets. Fill them with snacks, games, or small toys. Once you reach your destination, use the added back strap so the child can carry it like a back pack. No more picking up all of their loose toys from the car floor. All of their little treasures can be kept within reach during your travels and quickly taken inside when done. You’ll also find that your days of constantly passing drinks and food to the back seat are over. The pockets on these are large enough to hold a water bottle.

One of the best features on Seat Pets is that it performs double duty as a pillow. Nothing is more uncomfortable than napping in the car with your head dangling over to the side. Now kids can lean their head against their pet, eliminating sore necks. They can even use it as their night time pillow while on vacation, camping, or at sleep overs.

Seat Pets come in a variety of styles. Choose among the following characters. Just be warned, children will want more than one.

  1. Edsel the Monster
  2. Yukon the Cow
  3. Mercedes the Cat
  4. Love Bug the Ladybug
  5. Lincoln the Lion
  6. Malibu the Monkey
  7. Bentley the Dog

Each one of the Seat Pets comes with a 30 day money back guarantee. They also make a great gift idea, and at only $19.99 plus shipping and handling, it’s a wonderful deal. You can order additional characters at a discount price, saving even more money. Made for ages four and older, they are completely machine washable. This is perfect for little ones who tend to have occasional spills while travelling in the car.

People can’t seem to say enough good things about Seat Pets. Comments such as “I think the concept of the Seat Pet is fantastic” are quite common. These car buddies have won numerous awards as well. They received the 2012 product of the year award, and they were a Dr. Toy 100 best children’s products winner. In addition they have won the seal of approval from The National Parenting Center.
Parents have found that when they use this product in the car they no longer hear the phrase “are we there yet.” This statement can rattle the nerves of even the most patient adults. Because the Pet will become one of your child’s favorite stuffed animals, they will spend a large amount of time playing, laughing with, and talking to it. If you are creative in filling the three pockets, you’ll be able to entertain kids even after the thrill of the character wears off. Put small toys in them for littler kids. The excitement of discovering them will keep them occupied even longer. Older children can store their hand held video games inside. The best part is that everything has a place now. No more lost game cartridges down in the seats of the car.

One could talk forever about all of the great qualities of Seat Pets, but the one feature that stands out is its practical & educational factor. Not only are kids eagerly buckling up, parents can rest assured that the seat belt will now stay in place without chafing or causing discomfort. With everything the child needs being kept in the Pet’s pockets, you won’t have to worry about them being tempted to unbuckle in order to reach something.

Finally parents have a product that makes travelling fun and comfortable for the kids. Easy to use, affordable, and washable, you’ll love this as much as your child will. Say good bye to stretching over the seats to hand things to the little ones. At the end of your trip they’ll be rested, you’ll be relaxed, and the car will still be tidy.



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