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Tripping over cords in the house, garage, and office can be a distraction and a safety hazard. They seem to be everywhere. They get tangled up, and reaching in to find an open socket to plug in a phone or new appliance usually means a lot of frustration and time, adding an extension cord or bulky multiple power strip and re-plugging everything in. With Side Socket, that frustration is over.
  1. Easy to reach outlets for plugging in cords
  2. Furniture fits flush to the wall
  3.  Go from two to six outlets
  4. Only 90 degree swiveling multi-plug outlet
  5. Reliable surge protection in the house, garage, or office

  1. Extra extension cords to get rid of
  2. More space in the middle of the room to figure out what to do with

Have you ever tried to unplug the cable box to reset it, or needed to unplug the coffee maker to plug the toaster in? Have you ever had to replace one of you electronics? It can be frustrating to finally pull the right plug out of the outlet only to have to untangle all of the other cords, too, to be able to pull out the old to add the new. With a messy jumble of cords plugged into a traditional outlet power strip or extension cord, it can be difficult to figure out which cord goes to what. The unique design of the Side Socket makes finding the cord you need quick and easy.

On top of the messiness, all of those cords on the floor with a regular extension cord means that a lot of dust collects around the cords and base boards. With cords that lift off the ground with the Side Socket surge protector, you can clean more easily and thoroughly around those outlets and wiping cords that are off the ground is much easier the reaching behind and underneath furniture to get at the rogue dust bunnies. 

It can be particularly frustrating to get everything organized and ready to get plugged in only to find out that your extension cords can’t be used with a three-pronged plug and that’s exactly what you need. Every outlet of the Side Socket takes the three-prongs, so you’re left with less frustration, and you’ll have more time that you save from having to run out and search for a new extension cord to buy.

The convenient rotation of the Side Socket also makes moving furniture to plug in an appliance or electronic gadget a thing of the past. Moving a dresser, sofa, entertainment center, or any other piece of heavy furniture covering up an outlet can be difficult, and in most homes the outlets are in the least convenient places. The unique rotating design makes it easy to plug in multiple devices without having to move furniture to get at the outlet.

You finally get everything plugged in, and you place the multi-socket power strip behind the dresser to keep it out of sight. It works and you push the dresser back against the bulky multi-outlet power strip as far as you can, but now your dresser is 2 or 3 inches away from the wall. There’s no wasted space with the Side Socket. Because your furniture will back up right to the wall, you have more space in the middle of the room to enjoy.
The most disturbing of the problems caused by regular extension cords has to do with safety. All of those tangled cords can create a fire hazard. The more that is plugged into an extension cord, the more likely a power surge could cause a dangerous situation. The surge protection of the Side Socket offers peace of mind from a short circuit disaster.

You can count tripping over long cords as a safety hazard, too. Garages, in particular, are typically short on outlets, and adding three times the number is helpful and convenient, and it eliminates the need to run cords in dangerous walkways. Office space is another tricky place to find enough outlets, and Side Socket takes care of that, along with eliminating cords that get worn from being ran over with chairs or tripped on.

As an added bonus to all of the helpful features of the Side Socket, there’s also a money back lifetime guarantee. And, right now at https://www.sidesocket.com, you can get the Side Socket in a special buy one, get one free offer. For only $10, plus a $7.95 processing and handling and an additional processing and handling fee for the second piece, you’ll have two in order to better organize and protect your home.



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